Ice Breaker - People Bingo Cards

Location bingo cardView full-size image Bingo is a great ice breaker activity; it’s easy to customize for your particular group and situation and everyone knows how to play it.

Before the meeting or party, make a bingo game using The Bingo Maker. Instead of the bingo numbers insert an interesting "people" characteristic such as "Is afraid of spiders" or "Can dance the salsa" or any type of question that serves the purpose of the meeting.

Each participant should receive a bingo card, walk around the room and find participants that fit the characteristics. The game will give the participants an opportunity to talk with each other and learn more about their colleagues.

Download - bingo card creator download 6 free Ice Breaker - People bingo cards

Ice Breaker - People Bingo Cards - Word List

Born in another country Can dance the salsa Can run 2 miles Can touch their toes Chews fingernails Doesn't drink coffee
Doesn't eat tomatoes Doesn't like chocolate Doesn't like meat Doesn't like pizza Flosses twice a day Has a Celine Dion CD
Has a dog Has a tattoo Has twins Is a lefty Is afraid of spiders Is allergic to cats
Is an only child Is wearing earrings Is younger than you Likes chick flicks Loves flowers Loves to bake cookies
Played on a football team Plays bridge
Plays the piano Practice yoga Prefers Pepsi over Coke Speaks 2 languages

Ice Breaker - People Bingo Cards - Useful Links

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Ice Breaker - People bingo cards - Template
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How to Play Ice Breaker Bingo

  1. Print out your ice breaker - people bingo cards or other pre-made bingo cards using the The Bingo Maker or from the free ice breaker - people bingo cards file (Pdf format), the bingo call list of all bingo items is included.
  2. Cut the bingo list to items and place them in a hat or a box (optional).
  3. Cut the ice breaker - people bingo cards and hand out a bingo card to each participant.
  4. The participants walk around the room, talk to each other, and find names of people who fit the characteristics. The first person to get "BINGO" wins the prize (fills in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally). Read More

Last but not least don't forget the prizes as everyone appreciates the little prize at the end.

The Bingo Maker Benefits

The Bingo Maker let's you:

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  • Choose from 4 bingo card sizes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 7x7.
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