bingo cards with company logo

A Bingo game can be played in various occasions and company events; it is a great icebreaker activity for team building days, used for training and development as well as a wonderful prize winning game a company event.

The Bingo Maker supports up to 1000 bingo cards for 1000 players in a single bingo game.

Learn how you can easily customize your bingo cards for a company event with The Bingo Maker bingo card maker by adding your company logo to the free space square in the middle of the bingo card.

Step 1 - You need an image of your company logo, if you don't have it you can easily save the logo from the company website.

  • Click the left mouse button while standing on the logo picture in the company website
  • Press save image and save it as a JPEG file (most common image formats are supported by The Bingo Maker including bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

make bingo cards with company logo

Step 2 - Open a new bingo card by pressing the New button, select a bingo template, customize your bingo items, header, font style and colors.

Step 3 - Clear the text in the space box - by selecting the space text and pressing delete


Step 4 - Press the Image button in the Space section, a selection dialog will open, find the company logo image you saved and press open (shown in the images below).

make bingo cards with company logo

make bingo cards with company logo

The image cropping tool will open. The image cropping tool includes the image on the left side of the screen and the bingo board sample on the right. Click the top left point of the area you wish to crop and drag the mouse to the bottom right point of the area you wish to crop while holding the left mouse button. The image will appear in the free space area once you release the left mouse button.

make bingo cards with company logo

Step 5 - Click Done to return to The Bingo Maker main screen and continue editing your bingo game.

This can be used for all bingo cards sizes - 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 7x7.

If you wish to personalize your bingo card by changing the ordinary bingo number to words that are related to the company or the event click here to learn How can I enter new bingo Items.

For additional information on how to use The Bingo Maker Click here

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