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The Bingo Maker - V.2.4.0 relesed

The Bingo Maker v2.4.0 is now available

The Bingo Maker bingo card maker v2.4.0 includes the following features:
  • Supports up to 3000 players per bingo game.
  • Added a 4x4 bingo card size.
  • Template and word list update
  • Bug fix - Opening a file by double click with a space in the path

We are working hard in order to improve user experience and software features as well as answer to various requests from our clients. We appriciate your suggestions and welcome them.

If you purchased a previous version of The Bingo Maker, you may upgrade to this version for free.

the bingo maker software v2.33.2

The Bingo Maker - V.2.33.2 relesed
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The Bingo Maker v2.33.2 is now available

The Bingo Maker bingo card maker v2.33.2 includes the following features:

  • Added template group support - a new bingo template selection screen.
  • Added bingo list group support - a new bingo list selection screen.
  • Increased bingo board print size (optimized for A4 paper)
  • Bingo item lists are now randomized - this allows reading bingo items in a bingo game one after the other
  • Bingo item lists optimized for bigger fonts to allow better bingo calling
  • Reduced cropping tool image size - templates containng images are now up to 500 KB instead of up to 5 MB (depending on the image size).
  • Improved keyboard support.
  • Improved template screen load speed.
  • Added a link to allow fast and easy license key submission.
  • Added a safety mechanism that does not allow overwriting a purchased license key with a trial one.

the bingo maker software v2.33.2

The Bingo Maker - V.2.33.1 relesed
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A new bingo card game creator is now on the market - The Bingo Maker v2.33.1

The Bingo Maker is a new friendly custom bingo card maker for windows that allows full bingo game customization including custom backgrounds, custom images for the free bingo space item and full text color control. The Bingo Maker allows bingo game printing on home printers as well as PDF export to print bingo games at a local/on line  print shops.

The Bingo Maker V2.33.1

The Bingo Maker - the bingo card maker is now available!


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