Some bingo templates fail to open. What do I do?

The Bingo Maker has moved to a new format of bingo templates that allow more flexibility and higher quality bingo cards. The new format and the old format are both supported since version 2.4.0. If you purchased a previous version of The Bingo Maker, you are entitled to free life time upgrades and may upgrade to a newer version any time.

In order to install the new version, please do the following:

- Download a new version of The Bingo Maker here

- Uninstall the current version: Click Start -> Programs -> The Bingo Maker -> Uninstall

- Double click on the downloaded setup file usually named thebingomakersetup.exe and follow the installation instructions

That's it! You are ready to create more bingo cards.
We constantly improve The Bingo Maker, update templates, add features and improve user experience. It is recommended to check and install The Bingo Maker software updates.

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